You've found my "hidden" page. Yay, you.

I made this page just in case someone was interested enough about this website and wanted to get in contact for whatever reason.

I wholeheartedly support this little garden in the East Village. It's a wonderful place that had to fight desperately to exist. 
All pictures taken specifically for this website's launch were taken by me, for the launch. Of course, the historical images are not included in that statement.
The gallery will have a mix of images from various sources - so that's not all me. This site will hopefully serve as a vehicle by which to tell the story of this plot of land - for as far back as I can discover.

The history of these gardens (the Urban Garden Connections gardens ... aka. Manhattan Land Trust gardens) is their true untapped resource - NYC might not be old by European standards, but it definitely is old by New World colonization standards. With that age comes a whole lot of history.
It's wonderfully fascinating to think about that history while sitting in these gardens. It's just rather difficult to gather all these different stories floating around about these places. Hopefully this helps to a certain degree... in a purely amateur sense. 

Anyway, feel free to contact me.